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You can find anything on this site with the form on the Main Page. A robot updates the search information twice a month, so very recent material may be missed.

This site is, on the whole, organized into these major sections:

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This major section presents an introduction to the site. The subsections are:

Clamps as Products

This major section discusses:

There are some troublesome cases:
Craftsman can be considered a brand of Sears, but they may also have been makers at one time.
Hargrave was initially one brand of Cincinatti Tool, but later became the company name.

This section presents pictures of the various clamps that were made, sold, or used by known firms, and by some individuals. There are some "standard" pictures I try to get:

Company Information

This major section provides further information about makers, users, and dealers. The subsections are

Clamps as Things

This major section presents information on clamps as things:

Other pages may (eventually) be included in this Major Section for the use, and construction of, clamps. Your ideas are welcome.

Site Services

This major section contains some utilities, supported by various outside vendors.

Commercial Opportunities

So far, this section has one page to explore possible commercial opportuinites:

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