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Brands of Clamps in US

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Craftsman in Chicago, IL

This brand of wooden clamps is listed in the 1892 Sears Catalog, widely available in reprint.

This brand also was used for a line of "Future Antiques"; they are known to me only by two specimens. There are apparently two forms, laminated jaws, and plain jaws. NIB examples can be found on eBay from time to time.

This brand also includes composite clamps.

Dosch Speedclamp of CT

A brand of The Smith & Egge Mfg. Co. of CT

Hargrave of Cincinnati, OH

A brand of The Cincinnati Tool Company, later to become the name of the firm.

As a complication, this brand name later became the company name.

Jorgensen of Chicago, IL

A brand of Adjustable Clamp Co

This may be the most famous name used with clamps today.

Keen Kutter

A brand of the Simmons, and of the Shapleigh, companies.

Oak Leaf brand, of Simmons in Missouri

A brand of E. C. Simmons of Missouri.

Winchester brand, of Simmons in Missouri

A brand of E. C. Simmons of Missouri.

Windsor Design brand, of Harbor Freight Tool

A brand of Harbor Freight Tool.

Brands of Clamps in the United Kingdom

Marple brands in Sheffield, England

The dealer Marples offered three grades of tools, distinguished by brand names. The best known, and highest, brand was Shamrock.

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This major section discusses:

There are some troublesome cases:
Craftsman can be considered a brand of Sears, but they may also have been makers at one time.
Hargrave was initially one brand of Cincinatti Tool, but later became the company name.

This section presents pictures of the various clamps that were made, sold, or used by known firms, and by some individuals. There are some standard, or default, pictures I try to get:

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