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Makers of Wooden Clamps In UK


Members of HTPAA have also reported a hand screw by A. Mathieson & Son , Glasgow. In the reproduction catalogue by Ken Roberts it is depicted as a No 1022, 14 inch, made of beech.

It is not known to me if Mathieson made this, or had it made for him.

If any one can photocopy the relevant page(s) of the catalog, I would be most appreciative.


Members of HTPAA have reported a hand screw by Marples . I am trying to contact the firm now to ascertain dates, and other information.

Makers of Wooden Clamps in Germany

In Old Economy Village, in Ambridge PA, craftsmen continued the use of clamps of a design characteristic of their home region in Germany. I am continuing research on this topic

Makers of Wooden Clamps In The Netherlands

The following information was provided by Gerrit van der Sterre. I hope the members of the society AMBACHT & GEREEDSCHAP will be able to extend it soon.
(This site used to have an English language version; in the latest redesign, it was dropped. I suggest you Google the name, and ask for translations.)


The Nooitgedagt firm made hand screws; these are mentioned in their catalogue of 1890.

Makers of Wooden Clamps In Sweden

Unknown, Craft Made

The following information was obtained from Mark Guthrie (swemark at minmail dot net, in anti-spam format), who had the item at auction on eBay (Item #1459138287). The item is exotic in design, similar to a Tarbell. (Someday, I may consider another way to catalog this one.)

These were used in Orsa, to make church boats. I find no types of marks on this item.

I think that they are hand threaded with some type of cutting tool.

Church boat are boats that the people on the lake in Sweden used to go to church in other town for special time such as weddings and other holidays. These were made after the Viking boats that were made here in the 1200s to the 1500s.

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