The Point of the Exercise

I think that I can organize some of the material I have gathered in this web site, and provide it in convenient, attractive packages. There may be a market!

My goal on this page is to

The challenge will be for me see how close I can get to a product you want.

Description of Potential Booklets

I think that I could produce any of the following booklets. But which ones are appealing?

A = PDF file

(download (FTP) and print yourself)
8 1/2 x 11 in size
8 to 16 sheets (printed one side)
with B and W illustrations

B = Booklet

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in size,
16 to 32 pages (that's 4 to 8 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper),
with stiff cover,
saddle stitch (staples in middle),
with B and W illustrations.

C = B + 2 pages of color illustration

For ease of production, the color would be on the center pages.

D = B + 4 pages of color illustration

Prices, plus S/H

Expected Shipping Costs

If several booklets were ordered at one time, then USPS media mail rate is $1.33 for the first pound of books. (These booklets would qualify for this rate.)

Smaller orders would be shipped First Class, probably for less than $2.00

Content, Package, Price, Other Questions

The form below will gather data on what is desired, at what price, paid for in what way. It also provides an opportunity for you to answer questions I haven't asked.
The contents of the form will be processed by Bravenet, and emailed to me.


The obvious content concerns the various makers, but which ones are most popular. I've seeded the list with the most common makers, but maybe you want something else.


I've described 4 "packages" that are relatively easy to produce, and to distribute, and to use. But, perhaps you want something else.


I assume that you have a sense of what is an "OK" price that you wouldn't mind paying, and a price that is definitely too high.

I also know of four ways to transfer funds from buyers to seller; each has its pros and cons, and I'd like your opinions.

Other Questions

I know what I think I need to know, but maybe you want to give me some other ideas. Thanks!

Makers Desired
Grand Rapids
Price Points

Item A, (you print a downloaded PDF file)
OK Price is: Too High at:

Item B, (B+W illustrated booklet)
OK Price is: Too High at:

Item C, (add some color)
OK Price is: Too High at:

Item D, (add more color)
OK Price is: Too High at:

Item Preferences

Which Item do you prefer the least, assuming the price is OK?
Item A
Item B
Item C
Item D

Which Item do you prefer the most, assuming the price is OK?
Item A
Item B
Item C
Item D

Is there some "other package" that you would prefer even more than PDF or booklets?
Describe it:

Payment Preferences

Which payment method do you least like?
Credit Card

Which payment method do you most like?
Credit Card

Other Topics Desired
Describe them:

After you send this information, you will be transfered to the News page. Thank you for taking the time to answer this.

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