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Dealers in Clamps in US

Some the states (roughly east to west: MA, NY, MI, IL) once had dealers, who put their marks, labels, or brand names on the clamps they sold.

Listed below, in alphabetic order, are links to further information for each firm.

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I have in the collection a damaged partial label for a dealer in New York; I hope to determine the name later.

A J Wilkinson of Boston MA

Wilkinson was established in 1842 (according to invoice copied in PTAMPIA-II), and continued for many years. They did business from Washington and Devonshire Street.

In page 97 of PTAMPIA-II, there is an advertisement/ invoice head dated 1890, listing a wide range of tools and materials.

I have an Aldrich clamp bearing a label of this firm, but the name is obscured. Many thanks to Charlie Newbold for identifying the firm, and answering this research question.

Hammacher Schlemmer of New York City, NY

The firm sold clamps made by Bliss Manufacturing and by William Aldrich, at various times. Because they changed names, and locations, several times, the mark of this dealer can be useful to date particular specimens.

C H Utley of Buffalo, NY

The firm sold clamps made by Aldrich.

T. B. Rayl in MI

This dealer is known to me by just one clamp.

Partners Thomas B. Rayl and Dudley W. Smith bought out the Arthur Glover Hardware store in 1872. In 1926, a local paper describes the firm as

the largest strictly retail hardware business in the United States and probably in the world.
The firm went out of business in 1957 or 1958.

Rayl's Catalog #21 (circa 1905) has been reprinted by Roger Smith. Graphics from it are on site, using the link above.

Sears of Chicago, IL

The firm sold both wooden clamps, and composite clamps.

In the 1890s, then sold wooden clamps, by an unknown maker.

In the 1960s, they sold future antiques, which were made by Hempe.


A Guide to American Wooden Planes and their Makers, by Emil and Martyl Pollak.

Detroit Historical Museum:
Amy DeWys-VanHecke, Curator of Education, and her staff have been very helpful.

Famous Dealers in the UK

We (members of HTPAA) do however know that English makers and stockists such as Preston, Mathieson, Marples and Buck & Hickman included them (handscrews, as they are known in Australia) in various sizes in their catalogues.

Buck and Hickman

This firm was founded in 1829, and continues to distribute

a wide range of industrial hand tools from the markets leading manufacturers as well as a comprehensive range of Buck & Hickman's own-brand tools, Roebuck - Industry's Choice.
They claim, on their home page to be the UK's No. 1 distributor of industrial tools and supplies, with over 30 branches across the UK.

The National Distribution Centre is in Coventry.

Buck & Hickman is now part of the Charles Baynes group of companies, with turnover of over 90 million UKP, a staff of over 750, and a product line of over 40 thousand items.

Their offerings in the Hand Tool section include clamps.

Marples of Sheffield

There are two firms, each of which continues in existence, specializing in tools. I am conducting inquiries to determine which handled clamps, and when.

William Marples was founded in 1898; it now operates, in Sheffield, one of the world's most modern foundries.

It is now part of American Tool Companies, which handle the Record brand Vises and Clamps, Vise-Grip Locking Tools, PowerPress Pipe Clamps, Quick-Grip Bar Clamp/ Spreaders, and HorsePower Handy Clamp.

Joseph Marples was founded in 1840s to produce tools for woodworkers, coach makers, and cabinet makers.

Mathieson and Sons, Glasgow and Edinburgh

I have no knowledge of this firm, yet.


Edward Preston & Son issued in 1909 their General Line Catalog, described as England's Premier Manufacturer's Most Extensive Catalogue, providing A Great Overview of British Tools From The Stanley of England

Reprints of this catalog are available.

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There are some troublesome cases:
Craftsman can be considered a brand of Sears, but they may also have been makers at one time.
Hargrave was initially one brand of Cincinatti Tool, but later became the company name.

This section presents pictures of the various clamps that were made, sold, or used by known firms, and by some individuals. There are some standard, or default, pictures I try to get:

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