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Clamps in the Various States

Several states (roughly east to west: MA, RI, NH, CT, VT, NY, PA, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, and OK) have a history of clamp makers, dealers, or users.

Searches in NJ, NC, and SC, have failed to find makers, dealers, or users who left their marks, even though these states had related industries. Other states are still being studied; do you know of any firms that should be added?

Each state is listed in alphabetic order below:

State of CT

There were many tool makers in this state, and clamps were often part of the product offerings. However, they were usually withdrawn after a few years.

State of IL

The most famous brand of composite clamps is often used in a generic sense for all clamps.

State of IN

Just one known maker of wooden clamps.

State of MA

This state had a great many makers of wooden clamps, some famous users, and a dealer or two.

State of MI

The center of a thriving furniture industry, with makers, users, and dealers.

State of NH

Just one known maker of composite clamps.

State of NY

A famous dealer in NYC.

State of OH

Just one known maker of wooden clamps, but it lasted a long while.

State of OK

Just one known maker of wooden clamps.

State of PA

Just one known maker of wooden clamps.

State of RI

Perhaps the source of the industry, and the home of the longest lasting firm.

State of VT

Just one known user of wooden clamps.

State of WI

Just one known maker of clamps, producing under its own mark, and brands for other makers.

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