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Hargrave Brand, made by Cincinnati Tool

The Hargrave brand is named after Mr. Hargrave.

Actually, there were two: Edward Hollister Hargrave worked for Cincinnati Tool Co in the late 1800s, and was running the firm when he died in 1912. His son, John Millis Hargrave, had just graduated from MIT, and was called home to take over the company.

The "circled H" on a tool signifies that it was designed by J. M. Hargrave. John McCutcheon, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, grandson of J. M. Hargrave


The EAIA Chronicle has articles on the history of the firm. It apparently went out of business in 1928.

The firm made a number of products. My main source of information on clamps are The Sandusky catalog of 1877, and the catalog of 1925.

Ohio Tool

Ohio Tool Company of Columbus, Ohio, was one of the Nineteenth Century's largest producers of woodworking tools.

In 1976,Kenneth Roberts reprinted an 84 page catalog circa 1910, and this was in turn reprinted in 1990 by Mid-Western Tool Collectors Association. I hope to acquire a copy, and supplement this brief account.

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