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Resources for those who love, use, study, care for, or deal in old tools:

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This page contains links to all known on-line societies in America, and abroad, that concern tools and trades of the past. I also include links to museums with specialized collections, and similar resources.

These are your storehouses of knowledge!


This page contains links to on-line libraries in America, that I have contacted for information found in local histories and city directories.

These are more of your storehouses of knowledge!

National Archives and Records Administration

This page contains descriptions of materials kept in National Archives, that I have found useful for research into the industry.

These are more of your storehouses of knowledge!

Commercial Enterprises

This page contains links to a variety of commercial enterprises, who will sell you the magazines, journals, plans, tools, and whatever that you want for your workshop or collection.

These are your warehouses of stuff!

Enthusiasts, and other Individuals who may help

This page contains links to a variety of users, collectors, and other enthusiasts, available on-line when you want help, or company, or whatever.

Books of Interest

This section contains pointers to books on:

Directories of related topics

This directory may provide information on related topics.

Phil Cannon's MYLIST maintains links on crafts, tools, and other related topics, in amongst a huge collection.

This major section presents an introduction to the site. The subsections are:
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