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Policies of the Wooden Clamp Journal

If it's not on the list, and you want to suggest a policy, then please use the email link below to make your wishes known.
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Each page of this website has some form of "Copyright (Wooden Clamp Journal) 200x" on it, usually at the end. This serves notice to you, the reader, that the work is protected by copyright law.

The rights I grant to the reader, are these: You may

In addition, you may reprint this material for a fee to be negotiated between you and me, the author.

This website is intellectual property protected by copyright. This means it may be a violation of civil or criminal law to make copies for other than personal use without the permission of the author. Authors of intellectual property depend on copyright to protect their work and allow them to earn income by selling it. Without such protection, there would be much less incentive to create such works in the first place. By respecting the author's right, you can help to create a better environment for all creative endeavors.

Thank you.


No Cookies!


If you want to sign up for announcements or notices, then we provide that service. (BraveNet maintains that list; I know its contents.)

If you want to register to be notified automatically of changes, then we provide that service.

Otherwise, you will not receive email (from me or anybody else) as a result of viewing this site.


The only information I collect from viewers is your email address (and only if you volunteer it); I will not share it with others.

If you initiate an exchange of email with me that I think may be of general interest, and if you do not indicate that it is private, then excerpts may be reproduced in the Wooden Clamp Journal.

Content, Expression, and Rating

I've organized much of the content along an orthogonal grid. Along one axis are the firms (makers, dealers, and users); along the other axis are pictures of the clamps, details of known models, history, graphic images (ads, and so on). Each intersection is contained on one page, with links to related pages.

I will use spell checking, and other editorial tools, to ensure that the site looks professional, and that I won't be embarrassed if somebody excerpts some text.

The expression of ideas is mine, and I've put the copy right notice at the end of each page. I allow any one to copy small portions for non-commercial purposes, provided that they acknowledge the source. See the Copyright policy above.

This site has been examined by, and is registered with, the Internet Content Rating Association , formerly RSAC:
No one will be offended by nudity, sex, violence, or language on this site.

I do have a picture of the Three Stooges misusing a clamp to commit an act of violence, but I can't figure out a legitimate reason to present it! Suggestions?

Banner Ads

I dislike them, in general. However, I reserve the right to change my mind on this. (I understand there is money to be made this way.)

Links, and Re-direction

I solicit your input on sites to link to. I will seek reciprocal or mutual links to sites of interest. (BTW, if you find a site that links to the old URL, please nudge them to revise it.)

Viewing this site will not cause you to be re-directed to other sites, except when you click on links, which will be obvious. Other sites will appear in their own window, not in my window.

Some pages have been renamed; the old pages will redirect you to the new page. Bookmarks to the old pages will be valid for at least 6 months.

I will check internal links on a regular basis, especially after major updates, and try to keep things in good repair. The navigation bar for a maker/ brand/ dealer/ will often have links anticipateing future information; that is, those links are less reliable than links in the body. However, if you notice a problem in the body of a page, I would appreciate an e-mail. Thank you.

I will check external links, roughly quarterly. However, if you find a problem, I would appreciate an e-mail. Thank you.[Linkcheck by Xenu!]


Some links on these pages may let you leave my web site. I screen such links for relevance, and incorporate those I like, and think that you will like. I provide such links solely as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply my endorsement. Unless otherwise noted, the information provided by linked web pages need not represent my point of view.

Moreover, linked web sites are not under my control. Therefore I am not responsible for any changes or updates to those web sites. Please let me know if you think a link should be removed. Thank you.

Design Point

I presume that most viewers have dial-up connections, with 56K modems. This means that download time matters. Therefore, I adopt techniques to minimize downtime, and periodically check for load time. Please let me know if some pages are continually slow to load.

Some sections have lots of pictures, and some image files are big. I've tried to provide thumbnails, or lo-res versions, so you can decide if you want to see the real image.

I also assume that most readers have a browser, capable of processing validated JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS. See below, for details.

I have checked, and found that the following browsers render the site in a way I can accept:

XHTML, and CSS, coding

I don't have lots of time to ensure that the pages look good for every browser, and some of my viewers are still using older browsers. "I pledge to use only recommended HTML tags as defined by W3C." (If your browser has problems properly processing XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1 code, as defined by accepted standards, and validated by W3C, then complain to them!) Therefore, I adopt these techniques:


I use scripts extensively in the re-designed site, to ensure that navigation is uniform from page to page. However, I recognize that some people disable scripts. Therefore, I try to provide alternate links. Please let me know if there are pages that you know about, but cannot navigate to.

Other Pages

This major section presents an introduction to the site. The subsections are:

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