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Noted Owners and Users of Clamps in US

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So far, I have found or seen pictures of clamps used or owned by the firms and individuals listed below.

There were centers of furniture production in Massachusetts, and in Michigan. (There is also a center in High Point NC, but I have seen no marked clamps from that area.)

Berkey and Gay Furniture Co., of Grand Rapids MI

Various clamps bearing the mark of this user have been auctioned on eBay.

The origins of the firm go back to 1859, although the name Berkey and Gay was first used in 1873. It apparently continued until 1923 at least. It was famous for high quality furniture in the Gothic Revival and Eastlake styles.

Inquiries with the Grand Rapids Public Library are being made, to clarify the history of this firm.

W. R. Dennett of Littleton MA

I have three small clamps used by Dennett in his work as a pattern and model maker.

Doten-Dunton Desk Co in MA

A bar clamp bearing the mark of the Doten Dunton Desk Company was auctioned on eBay. Apparently, the firm used, but did not sell, clamps.

Eastey Organ Co in VT

A Narragansett (NRI102L) bearing "ESTEY" on one jaw was spotted at the Tailgater Section of Martin Donnelly's Auction in Nashua NH. The tailgater identified the mark as belonging to the famous organ builder, Estey Organ.

Levi N. Leland of Grafton MA

I have a pair of clamps with the imprint "L. N. Leland/ Grafton MS". The Old Sturbridge Village has several more. He advertised in Worcester newspapers in 18?? as a cabinet maker.

It is not clear if he made these for his own use, or if he made them for resale.

Limbert in MI

A pair of clamps bearing the Limbert mark was auctioned on eBay.

The firm was founded in 1894, and ceased operation in 1944, a span of 50 years. During that time, it was famous for Arts and Crafts furniture.

Further information on the person and his work has been provided by Carol Kamm, Director of Operations, Arts and Crafts Society.

Wallace Nutting of Framingham, MA

I have a pair of Narragansett clamps with an imprint of Nutting. They are impossible to date, as found. However, Nutting made furniture for only a few decades.

Charles Schwamb 2 nd of Arlington, MA

I have a Nathan Buttrick clamp with an imprint of Schwamb. Charles was born Karl, and Anglicized his name as an adult. He ceased work in the Old Schwamb Mill (Arlington MA) in 1902. The Old Schwamb Mill has Aldrich hand screws and bar clamps, and Buttrick hand screws, in its inventory.

Valley City Clamp Shop, of Grand Rapids MI

Lloyd Henley has kindly lent me his specimen for examination.

The identity of the firm is unclear. Grand Rapids had at least two firms with Valley Cityin their name, and either might have had a clamp shop as part of their operation. It is also possible that this was a very small maker.

Inquiries with the Grand Rapids Public Library are being made, to clarify the history of this firm.

Samuel Wing of Sandwich MA

Old Sturbridge Village has examples of very early clamps made by Samuel Wing for his own use, and possibly for sale as well.

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This major section discusses:

There are some troublesome cases:
Craftsman can be considered a brand of Sears, but they may also have been makers at one time.
Hargrave was initially one brand of Cincinatti Tool, but later became the company name.

This section presents pictures of the various clamps that were made, sold, or used by known firms, and by some individuals. There are some standard, or default, pictures I try to get:

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