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Doten-Dunton Desk Company

This firm used clamps to make desks, but (to the best of my knowledge) did not sell them. I do not know if they made their own, or commissioned others to make them.

Description of Clamps


Doten-Dunton Bar Clamp, whole

The clamp is typical of many bar clamps, with these components:

a bar with semi-circular notches under neath, and a pin to keep the movable block from falling off the end;

a movable block held by an iron stirrup that engages the notches;

a fixed block with two holes;

a single spindle with ferrule and central pin.


Doten-Dunton Maker's Mark

The mark includes the maker's name, and pictures of the products: two chairs (one mobile, one not), and a sanitary base desk.

It is apparently branded (thermography) into the bar, without the use of ink or paint.

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