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Marples, Dealer

Catalogs and price lists, dated 1939 and 1956 were found, courtesy of Mark Stanbury's ;s archive.

Description of Clamps


Marples offered tools in three grades. The "Shamrock" brand was first quality. The mark is 3 three-leaved clovers with joined stems, above or below the name "Marples".

mark of Shamrock brand, used by Marples


whole clamp, with mark on side of jawNote that the mark is on the side of the jaw, not on the end as is common. The handles appear to be identical cylinders, with rounded ends.

The hand screws were offered in several sizes:

Jaw Length Spindle
6 3/4
8 3/4
9 7/8
10 7/8
12 1
14 1

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