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1 058 223

Patent Number 1 058 223
Date Applied For 1912 Jan 27
Date Issued 1913 Apr 8
Issued to Peter Dosch and Charles R Dosch
Location Stratford CT
Current Class/ subclass 269/ 176 411/ 433



Quoting from the patent:

Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of our improved clamping appliance - Figure 2 a section at the line x,x, of Fig 1, and Figure 3 a detail sectional elevation of a modification of our improved sectional nut.

1,2 are the clamping jaws ... jaw 1 having three perforate bosses 3, 4, 5, extending upwardly from the bottom face thereof.

6, 7 are elongated bars that rest upon the bosses 3, 4, and 5, ... also doweled together by pins 8, in order that said bars may be properly guided in their lengthwise movements. These bars ... are cut away at their central portions to form recesses 9, 10, and extending within these recesses is a cam 11 that is carried by pin 12, which latter has a circular head 13 at its lower end ... while to the upper extremity of this pin is secured a thumb piece 14 which has a hub 15 which extends downward and rests upon the bars 6 and 7, ... said bars are confined between the boss 4 and the said hub 15. By swinging this thumb piece 14 in one direction the cam 11 will be operated to strike against the end walls of the recesses 9, 10, to thrust the bars 6,7 in opposite directions, while the reverse operation of this thumb piece will effect the reverse movements of said bars.

16, 16a, are the operating screws provided with suitable handles 17, 18, which screws are normally engaged by nut segments 19, 20, and 21, 22, ... these screws passing freely through the perforate bosses 3, 5, and also freely through elongated openings 23, 24 in jaw 2 and through a free keeper plate 25, immediately below said openings, nuts 26, 27 being run on the ends of said screws against said plate and secured as against rotation by means of pins 28, 29, driven through the screws and engaging indentations in the nuts themselves, said pins acting as locking devices to prevent displacement of the nuts. From the above description it will be understood that these screws are really swiveled to the jaw 2, and engage with separable nut segments carried by the jaw 1.


The object is

... to provide a simple and effective device of this description in which the screw operating elements shall be engaged with separable nut elements whereby the clamping jaws may be quickly adjusted, and with these ends in view our invention consists in certain details of construction and combination of parts ...

  1. A clamp comprising a pair of jaws, threaded adjustable rods connecting the jaws, a pair of oppositely disposed bars carried by one of the jaws and having complemental nut segments for engaging the rods, each bar being formed of pivotally connected sections and each section being pivotally connected to the jaw, yieldable means connecting the bars and means for separating the bars to release the adjusting rods.
  2. a clap comprising a pair of jaws, threaded adjusting rods extending through one jaw, means for swiveling the rods to the other jaw, a pair of oppositely disposed sectional bars carried by the first mentioned jaw, each bar being formed of pivotally connected sections and each section being pivoted to the jaw, the free ends of the sections being provided with complemental nut segments for engaging the rods, springs connecting the bars, and means for separating the bars to release the adjusting rods.
  3. a clamping appliance comprising a pair of jaws, adjusting rods connecting the jaws, nuts carried by one jaw for engaging the rods, means for disengaging the nuts from the rods, the other jaw being provided with longitudinal slots through which the rods extend, a guide plate mounted on the rods beneath the slots and slidable longitudinally in the jaw, and clamping means on the rods for engaging the plate to hold the same in slidable relation to the slots.


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