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A and A, Maker of Wooden Clamps in Chicago, IL

This clamp seems to follow the design principles used by Hempe:

Description of Clamps



A and A mark, in three lines The Mark is three lines: MADE BY/ A & A MFG CO/ CHICAGO. It is found on the top of the stopped jaw (it clearly wouldn't fit on the end).


The through jaw of A and A The jaws are completely symmetric, with slightly rounded edges. The stopped jaw has a pit and a smooth bore hole whose diameters are equal. (This is in contrast to the usual practice of a smaller diameter for the pit.)


the handles are identical on A and A clamps the ends are square cut on A and A clamps The spindles are identical, and universal. The handles are made separately, and glued to the threaded shafts. Each handle is cylindrical, with a rounded edge. The shafts are threaded, cut to length, and glued into the handles.

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