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Reno Vise Company

This may be the first company to use metal screws in place of wooden screws.

Description of Clamps


The dis-assembled parts of the Reno Vise Co composite clampNote the arrangement of holes in the jaws. The steel spindles are an exact substitute for wooden ones.


The mark on the Reno Vise Co composite clampThe mark is in three lines:
Reno Vise Co
Detroit Mich
Pat app'd for


Examine the jaws in the picture above. The jaws are exactly similar to jaws in wooden clamps, except for (1) the metal nut attached to the outside, to engage the through spindle, and (2) the metal nut attached to the inside (not visible), to engage the stopped spindle.


The handles seem to be of similar shape, with a ferrule at the attachment ot the threaded metal rod.

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