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Sandusky, Maker in Ohio

This page contains graphics taken from catalogs, of 1877 and 1925; it also contains an undated stero-view.


Pictures of the Factory

The factory, two views, (135K) This shows the factory at two times, but without firm dates.

sn_facy (58K) I am trying to determine the date; it is approximately 1890.


These images have been reduced in linear dimensions by 1/3, to conserve file space. If you want the originals, just ask.

Catalog of 1877

cover of 1877 catalog (44K) The catalog of 1877 advertises both wooden hand screws, and other clamps.

opening pages of 1877 catalog (82K) These pages make high claims for the quality of all products.

Catalog of 1925

cover of 1925 catalog (48K) The catalog

ads from 1925 catalog (100K) These pages illustrate bench screws, flask clamps, as well as hand screws.

I wish to thank David Hassel for his contributions. He scanned these pages from catalogs in his collection.

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