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Ads from the PCD

Narragansett Machine Co did not change its ads often. This series captures most of the changes over the thirty year period.

A couple things to note:


The light machinery included lathes of various sorts, and other wood working equipment.

Toward the end of the Victorian age, the nation took up sports with enthusiasm, for teams and individuals. Sports clubs, homes, and schools were equipped with gymnasia (iums?). The common motto was "a sound mind in a sound body".


By 1902, the officers have changed, and the business has branched out, but not changed much.


Mostly, this is a change in type face, not in content. (A Vice president is omitted.)


"Japanning" was similar to enameling. This is another example of the firm being willing to provide externally a service or process that it needed internally.


A thoroughly modern type face and layout. A thoroughly anonymous operation, too, with no mention of officers.

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