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gr_gn21x.jpg (33K) This is found the 1914 catalog described below, but it occured in other places as well. Note the variation between G.R. HandScrews, and Grand Rapids Hand Screw, mostly based on the availability of space.


Factory in 1907This appeared in a catalog dated 1907. (A variant was used in 1914, with tracks hidden at the back, the smoke stack to the middle background, and the water tower at the front left, at the edge of the complex. ) It was repeated elsewhere, such as the Exporters and Importers Journal of April 17, 1909.

The railroad is the Pere Marquette tracks. The street is Jefferson Avenue.


gr_gn21.jpg (2K) Catalog Number 21, published in 1914, illustrated a number of composite clamps, and bar clamps.

Grand Rapids 1914
ebay Item # 3208221477

an ORIGINAL "FACTORY FURNISHINGS" CATALOG NO.21 GRAND RAPIDS HAND SCREW CO. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN. (Catalog 21 was published in 1914, as confirmed by the Price List. ) This description is adapted from the eBay seller.

This original workshop catalog is heavy paper covered w/ glossy pages. It measures 5 1/2 x 7 3/4, with 48 pages. It includes an original loose folded page price list.

The book is a light brownish color (the first picture is too dark). The Cover has the emblem, and GRAND RAPIDS HAND SCREW CO. The firm describes itself as

"Manufacturers of Cabinet Makers', Pattern, Carvers' Manual Training and Home Benches, Drawing Tables, Patent Tool Cabinets, Lockers, Storage and Display Cases, Laboratory Furniture, Domestic Science Cabinets and Stoves, Hand Screws, Case, Glue and Benedict Clamps, Saw Tables, Trucks and Special School Furniture."

The antique catalog pictures many different styles of work benches, iron vises, side clamping plate and dogs, hand screw, cabinet makers's case clamps, glue clamps, horse clamps, wood vises, steel hand screws, revolving case clamp, stationary clamps, drawer clamp, bed clamp, table clamp, etc, etc..upright furniture storage case, drafting tables, etc. etc.

gr_an21cc.jpg (34K) This shows a set of six sizes of composite clamps, of the Reno design, rather than the Jorgensen design.

Lower on the page are iron bar clamps.

gr_an21pl.jpg (36K)

The single price sheet page is light blue. The price list of "factory furnishings", is dated 1914, but it is not very legible in this photo.

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