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Frederic J. Bancroft

Identification of Patent

Patent Number 324 803
Date Applied For 1885/
Date Issued 1885/ 08/ 25
Issued to Frederic J. Bancroft
Location RI
Current Class/ subclass 269/

Drawing in Patent 324 803 to Bancroft

Illustration of Patent

Quoting from the patent:

Figure 1 represents in perspective a clamp embodying the invention. Fig. 2 shows a longitudinal section of the tail block and a portion of the bar. Fig. 3 represents a transverse section of the same.

A is the bar of the clamp, which is provide on its under side with the usual series of grooves, a, and at one with a head-block, B, furnished with a clamp-screw C. D is the tail-block, to which is pivoted the clamp-iron E. This iron passes down the sides of the bar A and under the same, to engage the grooves a.

F is a spiral spring, which is located with a cavity, d, in the tail-block, and at the other end upon a pin of cross-bar, e, passing through a transverse slot or hole, d', in the tail block, and secured at its ends to the arms of the clamp-iron E below the pivoted points of said iron.

Specification of Patent

The specifications will be extracted, to emphasize the most salient points:

... a clamp for the use of cabinet-makers, piano-makers, carpenters &c.; and it consists in providing the tail-block of the clamp with a spring located within and protected by the block, which spring operates upon the clamp iron pivoted to said block, to hold the iron in the grooves of the bar of the clamp, and the said block in proper position thereon ...

The spring F, being located within the tail block, is protected from damage, is not in the way of the workman, and cannot become fouled with glue, as would be liable to be the case were it located exteriorly upon the block.

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