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687 836

Patent Number 687 836
Date Applied For 1901 Aug 30
Date Issued 1901 Dec 03
Issued to Hans Jorgensen
Location Chicago IL
Current Class/ subclass 269/ 220, 269/ 242

Drawing in Patent 687 836 to Hans Jorgensen, used by Adjustable Clamp Company

Illustration of Patent

There are two figures. Quoting from the patent:

Figure 1 is a central longitudinal section of a clamp constructed in accordance with my invention and showing two blocks clamped between the jaws. Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same, showing the jaws in another position.

... I provide a device having two jaws A and B, each of which is bored laterally at two corresponding points to receive short pieces of shafting C, which being journaled in said lateral openings. Each of said shafts C is bored and tapped transversely at its middle portion to receive the right and left threaded hand-screws D and E, the latter passing through transverse openings F in said jaws A and B, said openings being of flaring shape to permit said hand-screws pivotal motion.

Specification of Patent

Extracting from the patent:

... the object is to provide a device ... which is capable of having its jaws set at any desired angle and which can be more rapidly and easily operated than the clamps now generally used.

By the use of right and left threaded hand-screws I overcome two existing difficulties - namely, I retain both jaws always in engagement with both said hand-screws and at the same time double the rapidity of operation in an obvious manner.

I claim as my invention -

In a clamp, the combination with two relatively movable jaws, of two lateral shafts journaled in each of said jaws, lateral screw threaded openings in said shafts, lateral flaring openings in said jaws registering with said openings in said shafts, and right and left threaded hand-screws passing through said lateral openings in said jaws and said shafts and engaging the latter to operate said jaws.

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