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W. R. Dennett

Description of Clamps


I have three examples of these clamps, and each is subtly different. I cannot identify the woods used. Notice the hand cut threads on each. It appears that each was made singly, or perhaps in pairs, for a purpose. There is no intentiond to make a consistent or uniform series.

whole The first has handles like violin pegs.

whole The handles are very similar, but distinct.

whole Again, the handles are very similar, but distinct.


Mr. Dennett used several marks, sometimes on one clamp. Notice above the use of just his initials, on top or bottom of a jaw. A smaller mark of just initials is also found on the end of a jaw.

Mark on one line This is an attempt to fit it all on one end, not very successfully.

Mark across two ends This presents the full name, spread across the ends of two jaws.

As an aside, you may notice that the jaws are not of uniform width.

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