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Valley City Clamp Shop

This firm used clamps for an unknown purpose, but (to the best of my knowledge) did not sell them. I do not know if they made their own, or commissioned others to make them.

Description of Clamps


whole, version l whole, version s Here we have two examples; one is clearly a married item, and possibly both are, from the variations in the handles.


We have this example of the mark: User's Mark. on two lines The V.C. is an abbreviation for Valley City, while G.R. abbreviates Grand Rapids. Research by the Grand Rapids Public Library has determined that there was no independent firm or organization named Valley City Clamp Shop in operation in the period from 1890 to 1920.

There are two firms listed in Goss's History of Grand Rapids and its Industries: Valley City Mills, and Valley City Street and Cable Co (a street railway). The relationship of V.C. Clamp Shop to these is still under investigation.

An Owner's MarkThis name is not found in Goss, and its connection to V.C. Clamp Shop (if any) is unknown.


Jaw chamferThe jaws have a flat uniform chamfer on four edges.


handle of stopped spindle end of stopped spindleThe handle of the stopped is cylindrical, with a well rounded transition to a flat end. The end of the stopped spindle is usual.

end of through spindle handle of trough spindleThe end of the through spindle has a slight taper. The handle of the through spindle is very similar to the handle of the stopped spindle.

lathe marks on handleThis mark is found on both handles. Usually, makers would sand this smooth. The fact that it is left rough may be a sign that these clamps were made for internal use only.

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