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Webster and Butterfield Stopped Spindle Handle

stopped spindle handle

There are several things to note about this handle.   The first is the gradual necking down to the shaft, and the rounding to the flat end.   The second is the uniform diameter for most of the length of the handle.

This example is lathe cut, and the lathe was set up so that the cutter withdrew at the end of the cut, leaving an ever more shallow groove at the end of the threads.   I have examples of hand cut as well.

Webster and Butterfield Through Spindle Handle

through spindle handle

This example has the gradual rounding at the end, and the uniform diameter, devoid of any waist, characteristic of Webster and Butterfield.  

Webster and Butterfield Through Spindle Tip

through spindle tip

The tip is conical, followed immediately by the threads.   

This example has a prominent central pit where it was held by the lathe while the handle was formed.  It appears that the OD of this shaft becomes less, for the last thread. This is not apparent on other examples.

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