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The pictures of the handles and of the chamfer were taken by John Adams, using a specimen with 8 inch jaws.  They feature a quarter inch grid in the background, to enable dimensions  of the handles to be estimated.

John Walter's book, "Antique and Collectible STANLEY Tools" has a woodcut that appears to show an acorn tip to the through screw, but this is not distinct. The maker's mark is the Eagle on the square end of the jaw. .

handle of stopped spindle

Handle of Stopped Spindle Note that the handle is slightly barrel shaped, with a shoulder at the end, and a gentle taper to the threads.

handle of through spindle

Handle of Through Spindle Note that this handle is a cylinder for about half its length, then tapers to a flat end, with no noticeable shoulder.

ends of spindles

ends of the Stanley spindlesNote the marks left by the lathe.

Note also the rounded end to the through spindle.

jaw details

Jaw chamfer detail at backNote the rounded chamfer, with relief, along the edges of the outside, but not down the back.

Maker's Marks

Eagle Mark

Famous Eagle Mark of Stanley ToolsThe Eagle Mark of Stanley Tools is famous.

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