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Description of Clamps

The clamps of 1922 had screws of hickory, according to the catalog. The maker's mark is upper case, sans-serif "SARGENT" in a rectangle.

From the illustration given, the through screw had a fairly bulbous handle, as did the stopped screw. The tip of the through screw was conical or rounded. The jaws have a flat chamfering along two edges of the outside faces, and possibly on a third edge.

I have only one specimen, and it's nothing like that!

The jaw 10 inches long, and has a rounded chamfer along six edges; this specimen is very worn, and it is hard to be sure of the profile of the chamfer. The transition from back to outside face is rounded, maybe just worn.

The through screw has a conical tip, but it looks whittled, not machine cut. The stub of the stopped screw looks like it too was whittled, then sanded smoother.

The screw handles are not bulbous at all. The stopped screw handle is the usual cylinder, with a gentle transition to the threaded shaft; the through screw handle has its maximum diameter at the shoulder.


Sargent Mark, 2 banners

On the specimen in my collection, the maker's mark is "SARGENT & CO.", in a gently curving banner, over "U.S." in a very abbreviated banner. There is no model number.

This mark is not the usual Sargent mark found in catalogs, a rectangle enclosing the name.



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