Some Current Research Questions and Topics
Wooden Clamps (Handscrews)

Questions are tagged according to the following scheme, in order to support searching:
{T} aspects of the clamps themselves
{X} cross relations between companies
{P} personal history of the makers
{C} corporate history of the makers
{D} dealers and distributors
{U} users

Known Makers

{T} {X}
What models were made, with what dimensions?

Unknown makers

I have seen chamfering like Bliss, but with a change in width at the top of the angle, to produce a noticeable "diamond". The jaw bore a model number, which would seem to indicate factory made, not craft made. Who is the maker? {P} {C}

I own, and I have seen, clamps with "ziggurat" chamfering, bearing model numbers, implying factory made, without maker marks. There is some evidence that they might originate in Maine. {P} {C}

One of mine has a prominent "K". What does this signify? Who made it? {P} {C}

When did Norcross mill call itself "W. Norcross"? Did the Norcross Mill ever operate in Chelmsford? {U}

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