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Ohio Tool

John Terepka has kindly lent me two examples from his collection, one 12 inches, the other 14 inches long.

Description of Clamps


Ohio Tool whole clamp There is a portion of a second clamp on the left; ignore it!


The jaws have a flat chamfer on 5 edges, around the outside and down the slope.

along the slope of a Ohio Tool jawNote the flat even chamfering along the outside, and down the slope to the nose, but not down the nose.

For the chamfering of the back, see the mark below.


There seem to be two types of spindles. It is not clear whether Ohio Tool changed their design, or if the examples available are married.

In the examples available, the two spindles of Type A are very similar to each other in patina, color, and appearance, while the two spindles of Type B are also very similar to each other. If they are married, they are well matched!

The types differ in the transition from handle cylinder to handle end. One type has a rounded (small radius) transition. The other type has a conical transition.

Through Spindle

handle of Ohio Tool through spindle end of Ohio Tool through spindle Notice the cylindrical shape of the handle. Notice also the spindle end, with its distinctive conical taper.

Stopped Spindle

end of Ohio Tool stopped spindle handle of Ohio Tool stopped spindle Note the cylindrical shape of the handle. Note too the stub of the stopped spindle.


Mark of Ohio Tool showing globe and banner The maker's mark is a circle or globe. There are stylized lines of latitude (7) and longitude (5), and a banner with the legend OHIO, at an angle to the equator. Above the globe is OHIO TOOL COMPANY, and below is COLUMBUS OH. and AUBURN N.Y

(Auburn is in the Finger Lakes region of NY.)

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