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Handles of stopped spindle

O Neil Handle of Stopped Spindle

There are several things to note about this handle.   The first is the flat end.   The second is the uniform diameter for most of the length of the handle, with rounded transition to the shaft.

This example is lathe cut, and the lathe was set up so that the cutter withdrew at the end of travel, leaving an ever more shallow groove at the end of the threads.

I have no examples of hand cut spindles for O Neil.

Handle of through spindle

O Neil Handle of Through Spindle This example has the flat end, barrel shape, waist, and distinct collar, characteristic of the later Bliss Companies

End of through spindle

O Neil End of Through Spindle

The tip is flat, with an abrupt transition to the threads.  

This example has a slight central pit, and other markings, caused by the lathe while the handle was turned.  


Maker's Marks

ONeil Mark in three lines

ONeil Mark in three lines "J H ONEIL JR PAWTUCKET RI/

This is one of two known marks of the company, used between 1915 and 1918. The other is five lines long, and may be a variant for larger clamps.

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