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Jesse H. Sims

Description of Clamps


picture of whole wooden clamp made by Jesse H Sims

Notice first that the clamp is made of multiple woods: cherry spindles, and oak jaws with walnut inlay. It has not been stained, but finished with oil, not shellac or varnish. These are lovely clamps to look at, and to use.

(from the tag): Although this clamp does not have the same charm or stories to tell as an antique one, it was made with lots of TLC. Even a few antique tools, like the bit brace, block plane, and scraper, were used during construction. These tradiotnal tools are known to be hard workers, as are hand screw clamps.

The Live oak is from here in Hernando County. The Cherry came from a fallen tree at a little church in neighboring Pasco County. The Walnut is from Alabama.


mark, made by Jesse H Sims

The mark indicates the maker, the year of manufacture, and a serial number. These are prominently branded on the outside of the jaw. (Every one is unique!)


The jaws are made of live oak, and have walnut inlaid on top and bottom, for a very distinctive look. There is a chamfer along 6 edges: the outside, along the slope, and down the nose. It is narrow, and at a 45 angle to the outside, approximately.


handle, made by Jesse H Sims

The handles of the two spindles are identical. They are made as separate items, with a bored center. The double waist is very comfortable in the hand.

The threads on the shafts are cut with a router. This technique leaves a characteristic abrupt rounded end to the thread, rather than an abrupt triangle (from hand cut), or a gradual groove (from lathe cut).

The ends of the shafts are cut square.

The handles and the threaded shafts are glued together.

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