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Gothauer Clamp Co.

Description of Clamps

The information below is provided by examining the only known example, loaned to me through the courtesy of Bill and Marilyn Hanson, the owners; it was a pleasure to work with them.


Circular border around Gothauer Clamp Co, with OKLA CITY in centerThe mark is inked, not stamped, on the top of the through jaw, near the end of the jaw. In this picture, the nose of the jaw is to the right.

It has a circle enclosing GOTHAUER CLAMP CO., with OKLA over CITY in the center, with CITY underlined.


The jaws are chamfered on five edges (up the angle, along the outside, across the back). The chamfer is of uniform width everywhere, at about a 45 degree angle from the outside face.  

The jaw is deeper than wide, the usual configuration.


The spindles are distinct.

Through Spindle

Waisted handle of through spindle
The handle of the through spindle has a waist very near the shoulder, so that most of the handle is cylindrical.

end of through screwThe thread is lathe cut.  The end is a truncated cone.  There is a pit where the lathe center pressed into the spindle.  

Stopped Spindle

handle of stopped spindle
The handle is cylindrical, with rounded transition to a flat end.  

end of stopped screwThe thread is lathe cut.  The stub end is cylindrical, but with the roots of the thread just showing.

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