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Description of Whole Clamps

The catalogs emphasized that the screws were of hickory. No information is available on the wood used for the jaws.

The first etching is taken from the 1890 catalog.

whole clamp, taken from 1890 catalog


The catalog has numbers assigned to the various models; examples owned by John Adams have model numbers.

John Adams supplied this image, with the comment:

I'm attaching the photo of the H. Chapin mark on my handscrew with square nose jaws, taken early last year as a teaser! Photo details of the whole clamp will follow!

mark of H Chapin (18K)
Outer arch: Union Factory
Inner arch: Warranted
Lower Line: H Chapin


The illustration has no hint of chamfering. The catalog indicates that beaded jaws were an option, which would imply that otherwise the jaws are plain.


The central, or through, spindle has a waisted handle, with a rounded end. The tip of the spindle is acorn-shaped.

The end, or stopped, spindle has a barrel handle, with a distinct shoulder at the clear band, and a flat end.


See Chapin-Stevens page.

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