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stopped spindle handle

Handle of Aldrich Stopped Spindle There are several things to note about this handle.  The first is the groove found at the end away from the threads.  This example has an exaggerated version, chosen for its prominence, to highlight this distinctive feature.  The second is the uniform diameter for most of the length of the handle.

This example is lathe cut, and the lathe was set up so that the cutter continued to cut an encircling groove at the end of the threads.  I have examples of hand cut as well.

through spindle handle

Handle of Aldrich Through Spindle

This example has both the end groove, and the uniform diameter, characteristic of Aldrich.  

end of through spindle

End of Aldrich Through Spindle

The tip is acorn shaped, with a hemispherical cap that blends to a roughly cylindrical portion, followed by the threads.  

This example has a slight central pit where it was held by the lathe while the handle was formed.  

Maker's Mark

M. Aldrich in arch over Lowell Mass in two cartouchesA nicely preserved example of Milton Aldrich's mark, which his son William continued to use.  We know this because this clamp bears William's label for Hammacher, Schlemmer Co.  (The green borders are a visual aid for registration and cropping.  )

The arc, and two cartouches, were apparently applied as separate items. In a number of cases, the alignment is off, sometimes quite noticeably.  In other cases, the depth of the imprint varies from item to item, and from side to side for a single item.  

The owner, J.D.S., is unknown.  

Bar Clamp

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