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The Cincinnati Tool Company, Makers of Hargrave

Description of Clamps


Hargrave, whole viewIt is not clear how this differs from the Jorgensen brand. I am trying to obtain patent information.


Hargrave mark on One lineThis Hargrave mark lacks a model number; other specimen have one stamped on wood clamp:
'Hargrave 708'

The mark in some cases seems incised or stamped, in other cases seems branded.

Cincinnati Tool Company mark on three linesOn the other jaw is the company mark in three lines 'The Cincinnati / Tool Company / USA'


known in 8 inch length, opening to 4.5 inches.

Note that the jaw contains metal nuts, which ride on the metal screws.


Note the shape of the handles, octagonal in cross-section, with wide and narrow sides. The handles have ferrules, where the screws are attached. The ferrules appear to be nailed to the handle.

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