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Description of Clamps

This maker is known by one example, auctioned on eBay. The description (slightly edited) is:

Offered here is a pair of BASS BROS patented quick adjust parallel clamps in great condition.

Each is clearly marked on the wood and each handle BASS BROS INC NEW YORK CITY PATD, threads are fine, quick adjust works fine, slight traces of original paint remain on the handles.

A no.2 is stamped on the end of each 12" long clamp

Some dings and stains,a few minor chips.

This is the only ones of these I've ever seen.


Whole composite clamp, made by Bass Brothers of NY


Mark of Bass Brothers of NY




Handles of composite clamp, made by Bass Brothers of NY On one handle (right) is the name of the maker (BASS BROS INC), on the other (left) is the location (NEW YORK CITY PATD).

The number on each handle is 8388A and 8388B, part numbers for production assembly. Each handle is threaded differently, one right and one left. Notice also the small levers that actuate the quick release mechanism.

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