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Black Brothers Machinery Company

Black Brothers Machinery Company was the subject of discussion in Chronicle, Mar 96, p14, June 96, p 66 with photo and story.
The firm originated in Chicago IL in 1887, under the name of William Black & Company. During the next two years, the company name changed to Black Brothers in 1889, and to Black Brothers Machinery Company in 1890. The family members associated were Walter, James N., William, and John Black. Their products were sashes, doors, and blinds. The business was located at 621 Sheffield Avenue. Sometime between 1899 and 1902 the company relocated to Mendota Illinois. In 1923, the company Name was changed to Black Brothers Company. It is still [in 1996] in business in Mendota. Their principal product is laminating machinery for manufacturing doors and windows, etc.
Unable to find any documentation that the company had ever manufactured tools, I contacted the current general manager, Mr. Matt Carroll. He confirmed that the company did, at one time, make clamps for sale, but was unaware of any other tool products. I recently observed a wooden clamp identical to the one in Mr. Gettle's photograph. That party also had a 24-inch metal one marked Black Brothers Mendota.

Description of Clamps



The fixed jaw has a movable part to allow clamping of non-parallel edges.


There are no screws; the mechanism is a rack and pinion.

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