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Wetzler of NY

Company History


Wetzler Clamp Co, has been making clamps since 1928. (I am trying to obtain more facts about the founding of the firm.)

While it was located in NY, it contracted to Hempe Manufacturing of Wisconsin the making of its R series of handscrews.


The company moved from Long Island City, NY to Mt. Bethel, PA in the 1980s when Mr Treacy purchased the company from Mr Wetzler.

The firm continues in existence, as a division of Treacy Industries.


At some unknown time, it ceased to make hand screws.

It focuses on industrial clamps today. Wetzler Clamps are more a professional clamp than a handyman clamp. They are made of solid high carbon steel, and malleable iron castings, just as they were made in New York. It makes them a little heavier, but they will last a lifetime. They won't bend or twist, even with jaw depths up to 12".

Personal History

Mr Wetzler sold the firm to Mr. Treacy in the 1980s, and it moved from Long Island City, NY, to its current address: Mt Bethel, PA 18343-0175


Cindy VanHefter, of Wetzler Clamp Co.

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