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Company History

Sources are indicated where used.

The firm is established 1882 for the purpose of manufacturing foot-power lathes; at first these are built by A.E. Tenney Manufacturing Company of Pawtucket. They incorporate in 1889 as Narragansett Machine Company.

From 1889 to 1890; their address is Providence RI [Grieve, p 141, 148 ].  After 1890, the address is Pleasant Avenue, in the Woodlawn section of Pawtucket, RI [Hall, p 309].

In 1902, Narragansett buys the firm of Hood and Rice [Pawtucket Past and Present, pp 43-44].

Narragansett uses Hood and Rice work in progress to make Narragansett clamps.  I have one which has Hood and Rice jaws and spindles with a circular Narragansett mark.  I have seen another which has Hood and Rice jaws, Narragansett spindles, incused 813, but without any Narragansett mark.  This could be explained as a lack of room on the end of the smallish jaw.  

As an aside, this may help to date the transition from the circular mark to the linear mark as occurring after 1902.  

Major products vary over the years, with a gradual shift from wood to metal; light machinery, gymnastic equipment, lockers, bowling alleys. Ads available over the years in the Pawtucket City Directory reveal changing emphasis in products: 1892, light machinery, tools, etc.; 1903, gymnasium outfitters, wood turnings of all kinds, builders of the standard bowling alley, and so on; 1904, the same in "modern" type face; 1914, gymnasium outfitters, general wood and iron workers, wood turning and japanning of all kinds; 1921, another change in type face; 1922, steel lockers and steel shelving, but in the woodworkers section of the directory; 1925, 1926, 1934, steadily emphasizing the metal working.

On 14 January, 1948, Manufacturer's Trading Co of New York buys the plant [Providence Journal Bulletin].

Personal History

I have no knowledge of the personalities involved in the operation of the firm, or of the people involved in clamp manufacture, except for Thomas Rice.  


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