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Denney of Pennsylvania

The company is known to be in business in 1892, from a 24 page catalog. Further information has been provided by Jack W. W. Loose, Historian, when I enquired at the Lancaster County Historical Society.

The firm started in 1892, and was gone by 1899.

William H. Denney and Barclay M. Denney seemed to arrive in Lancaster about 1883 . At that time (but not before), the city directory listed William as a machinist, working for the Lancaster Watch Co., predecessor of the Hamilton Watch Co. Until 1892 William was listed as a master mechanic.

On 4 Oct 86, he applied for a patent for a clamp or vise, which was granted on 8 Feb 87. The relationship of this invention to his work at the Lancaster Watch Company is not known. In any case, The Denney Hand Screw and Clamp Company used this patent.

The watch company experienced many reorganizations and closures between 1874 and 1896, so William Denney probably had lost his job about 1891.

In 1892 he was listed as the Denney Hand Screw and Clamp Co., at 644 West Chestnut St.

In 1899 he was listed as a salesman, and at his home address on West Chestnut St. was C. Eugene Denney, student. The name last appears in 1899.

I have no knowledge of the relationship between William H. and Barclay M. Denney.

We might presume that C. Eugene Denney is his son.

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