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Chapin of Connecticut

1826-1851, Chapin

In 1826, the Chapin firm was originally established by Hermon Chapin (1799 - 1866) at Pine Meadow, a district in the southern part of New Hartford, with Daniel Copeland .  In 1828, Chapin purchased Copeland's interest, and established the Union Factory under his sole proprietorship, producing a complete line of wooden planes.

In 1835, rules were added, whereby Delos H. Stephens learned his trade.  In 1854 he established the D H Stephens & Co., continuing to furnish some rules to the Chapin firm.  In 1861, he was succeeded by his son, Frank, as L C Stephens & Co.  In 1864, this firm moved to Riverton.  

1860-1897, H Chapin & Sons, and variants

In 1851, Edward M Chapin became superintendent of his father's firm.  In 1860, the sons of Hermon (Edward M, George W, and Philip E) formed as H Chapin & Sons.  In 1866, E M Chapin and G W Chapin assumed ownership, changing the name to H Chapin's Sons.  In 1868, George sold his interest to Edward, who continued the firm as H Chapin's Son until his death in 1897.

1897-1901, H Chapin's Sons & Co.

His sons (Hermon M and Frank) then formed a joint stock company with Rufus E Holmes of Winsted as President.  This company was known as H Chapin's Son & Co.

1901-1929, Chapin - Stevens

In 1901, this merged into Chapin - Stevens.  Mr. Holmes continued as President, H. M. Chapin as Vice-President, Frank Chapin as Treasurer, and L C Stephens as Secretary.  After 1908, and the death of Mr. Holmes, Frank Chapin became President.  The firm reorganized in 1927, and dissolved in 1929.  Stanley Rule and Level Co of New Britain acquired the line of rules, but did not continue making the wooden planes, which were abandoned.  


This history is adopted by documentary written in February 1975 by Ken Roberts in the foreword of his republication of Catalog 114. He credits Mrs C Edwin Blake, great-granddaughter of Hermon Chapin, Mrs Mettie Wright Adams, former Editor of Lure of the Litchfield Hills, The Connecticut State Library, and the Connecticut Historical Society.

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