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1884 Detroit Directory

The 1884 Detroit Directory has an ad for the Reno Manufacturing Company, portions of which are reproduced below.

It starts by identifying the principals of the firm, and the firm's products:
G.A. Burch, Manager
C.W. Upton, Assistant Manager, and
T. Reno, Superintendent.

Reno Manufacturing, manufacturers of the Reno Patent Hand Screw and Door Clamps, also proprietors of the Detroit Ladder Factory.

It continues with a description of their services:

Manufacturers of Plasterers' and Painters' Trusses, Painters' Swing Stages, Fire Escapes, etc., of all sizes and styles. Also Wood Turning, Scroll Sawing, Ripping, Planing, Boring, Shaping, etc., Send for Price List. Orders by mail from all parts of the country promptly filled. 1884 Detroit Directory

Clamp designed by Thomas Reno It has an etching of the clamp designed by Thomas Reno, with parts in cross section, to illustrate the unique aspects. Oddly enough, the hand screw shown has "Reno Vise Co." stamped on the side of the jaw, rather than "Reno Manufacturing Company". It is just barely visible in the illustration.

Typical extension ladder sold by affiliated firm It also has an illustration of an extension ladder. There is a bracket to keep the two parts together, a hook to set it at the proper height, and flared feet for greater stability.


The illustrations were provided by Patricia Nauta, Registrar at the Detroit Historical Museum.

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