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I hope to extend this with pictures of the factory, and other graphics.

Paper Labels

R. Bliss Mfg Co Paper Label

paper label for R. Bliss Mfg. Co.

This label is fairly worn, an enlarged image is available. It can be deciphered to read
"1 Doz. pr. 3-4 in. HANDSCREWS"
"Manufactured by R. Bliss Mfg. Co.,"
"No. 11   Pawtucket, R.I."

The reference to "3-4 in." is obscure, as no part of the handscrew has that dimension.

Also, the Reference to "No. 11" is unclear, as the clamps are not that model number.

The typeface, and the border, are less ornate than the label for Bliss & Co.

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