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I have an Aldrich clamp bearing a label of S H Davis, but with the address missing. Thanks to Kirk Eppler, and Bill "Dragon List", some of the history of the company could be recovered.

The image is available on the Graphics page.

Source of information

Kirk Eppler checked with the Boston Directory (1879), the Boston Chamber of Commerce (1910), Iron Age (1906), and records of corporations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Bill supplied a long reference in the Hardware Dealers' Magazine, V 49 (1918), describing the visit of Robert Knuepfer, manager of the retail store, to the display rooms of the association in New York.


In 1868, the firm was established.

In 1879, Davis, Stebbins & Co, was a hardware store on 33 Sudbury Road, Boston. The principals were Stark H Davis, and M B Stebbins. Davis lived at that same address (upstairs over the store?).

In 1896, this was succeeded by S H Davis. The store was well known to the buying public as "Davis, the Hardware Man". The building had three floors, and a basement, 40 feet wide and 100 feet deep, on the corner of Portland and Sudbury.

in 1905, S H Davis was incorporated, with Martha L and E L Davis as founders. (Involvement of S H Davis not known.)

In 1906, S H Davis of 68-70 Portland Street was incorporated. Martha L Davis, President; Ernest L Davis, Treasurer and Secretary; and C H Davis, director.

In 1910, The Boston Chanber of Commerce lists S H Davis at 68 Portland Street, a wholesale hardware operation.

In 1918, they did a wholesale business throughout New England, dealing in builder's hardware and factory supplies. They also sold at retail, tools, cutlery, sporting goods, auto accessories, electric supplies, specialities, and paints, in six departments, employing "35 experienced hands".

In 1927 E L Davis died.

The firm continues, and in 1928, pushes tools as Christmas gifts.

Loose Ends

In 1914, in Windom Minnesota, Sanger and Marshall succeeded S H Davis, in a general hardware business - may be an unrelated firm.

Need more biographical information about M B Stebbins.

Need more biographical information about the Davis family.

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