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I have an Aldrich clamp bearing a label of C H Utley. The image is available on the Graphics page.

Source of information

Original enquiries at the Buffalo Historical Society yielded nothing, because of mis-spelling. With correction, Buffalo City Directories (BCD), and Buffalo Business Directories (BBD) for various years, available online through, yielded information below.


In the 1885 edition of the BBD, Pages 56 and 98 have

Horace Utley recently errected a splendid establishment at 38 Pearl Street
. The ad mentions "Cabinet Makers and Upholsterer's hardware". The firm is listed under Pianoforte Dealers and Manufacturers.

In 1887, Charles H Utley is listed as a member of the vestry of Trinity Church.

In 1891 edition of the BCD, C H Utley lives on 200 Linwood Ave, and is Treasurer of the SPCA, and member of the vestry of Trinity Church. The firm is listed under Pianos, and is located at 82 Pearl.

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