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Winchester, sold by Simmons

This information is taken from an eBay auction, Item number: 3284850693

LARGE OLD WINCHESTER WOOD PARALLEL CLAMP TOOL Description Great vintage tool and perfect for any Winchester collector! This is an all wood parallel clamp used in wood and metal working. It is marked on the top with WINCHESTER. Both tightening rods have a handle on the end . The clamps measure 19 1/2" across and it opens up to approx 17" for clamping capacity. The end area space for actual clamping is 9". There are a few minor places of wear in the wood but still a great looking tool and killer Winchester advertising piece. A nice addition to your collection.

I presume that this was sold by Simmons, based solely on the dates of operation.


wnc_w (29K)


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Winchester, sold by Shapleigh?

I have no knowledge of a clamp bearing the Winchester logo that can be connected to Shapleigh (1940 to 1960).

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